Respect for Elders

by Connie Siler
(Jersey Village, TX)

Growing up in the 50's and 60's, we had manners at the table, and we had respect for our elders.. When they ask you a question, you answered, you said, "yes mam" or "yes sir". When they gave you something, you said, "thank you". When you wanted something you said, "may I have" the butter please? You did not argue with them, or beg them. When the answer was NO, it was NO. There was no compromise. You were scared to death to do something wrong, as the consequences were severe. Either you got a spanking (with a belt, or switch), or you were sent to your room, and I mean ALL day except to go to the bathroom, or to eat. If you said something inappropriate, you got SLAPPED in the face or across the room, or you got your mouth washed out with soap. Most children are not taught these things anymore.. We did not get a toy, or gift except at Christmas, or our birthday. We had to earn our money to get our own. We could work at the age of 13 in a public place, or we would babysit or mow someone's yard for our spending money. I do not remember many people being overweight. Most homes did not have soft drinks, or junk food. You did not eat between meals. You did not have the fast food places like you have today. There may have been a Dairy Queen in town, then slowly adding a taco bell, and a dunkin donuts. Going out to eat in the very few restaurants in town, was very rare, as you had home cooked meals most of the time.

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Aug 23, 2016
by: Anonymous

I don't think my mother ever slapped anyone her whole life. She was a gentle person. Even though we didn't get slapped, we knew to be respectful. It was part of our culture growing up.

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