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A few months ago, the doctor looked me in the eyes and said, "Your cholesterol is too high . You need to take statin drugs to lower it. You also need to take bone building for osteopenia." I looked back at the doctor and told her that I had researched those drugs and could not take them. I said that I wanted to use diet and exercise to control these problems.

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On President-elect Trump

I am so excited that a new year is coming. I have decided to embrace change, not moan and groan about it. We have a new president being inaugurated soon. Some like him, some hate him, some fear him.... We live is the most wonderful country in the world. There have been presidents before him and will be presidents after him--some good, some bad, and some mediocre. The world goes on. We need to show him the respect of his office, and wait to see what he will do. Good or bad, we will survive and the world will not fall from the sky. He deserves to have the opportunity to show us, the American people, what he is made of. We don't know yet. 

The most important thing is that stress causes illness. If you want to be well and happy, don't stress about things that are out of your control. We have enough to worry about in our personal lives without taking on government and world worries. Keep an eye open, but relax. I for one have gone into the wait and see mode.

Another new year 

It seems that once you reach a certain age, time begins to fly. It was just Christmas and now, it is almost Valentine Day. Valentine Day is a day after my anniversary, and it has been so long since I married. It will be my 56th wedding anniversary.  I will have to make myself a valentine smoothie and find a good restaurant to go to.  I will be surely to try to eat what is healthy on the menu as I plan to have more new years and anniversaries in the years to come.

Winter in Texas

The weather is so weird lately. It is either freezing or very nice. On the nice days, we can go outside and work in the yard, but on those cold days we just sit by the fire with a nice smoothie and a bit of dark chocolate. Warm lemonade is good on those days too or a freshly brewed cup of herbal tea. The good news is that this winter we have had more seventy degree days this year than 30 degree days.

Settling in

Our new home is so close to stores. There are whole food stores and health food stores. there is even sprouted grain bread in the grocery store freezer.  If you live close to a larger town, you may already know these things. I only have to go nine miles to get a loaf of healthy bread or fresh fruits and vegetables.  We still have peaceful surroundings. Now if I can just get my dogs to stop trying to dig up gophers.  I didn't know two dogs could dig such deep holes and so many of them. When the weather warms up, we will be shoveling. siggghhh Besides this, they have yet to catch a gopher. Or, we could invite the neighbors to try out our mazes in the back yard.

Moving for better or worse

Well, we closed on our house.  I signed one million (slight exaggeration maybe) papers.  We are letting the folks we bought from stay in the house until the tenth, so there will be time to finish packing.  It is so easy to just hop off of my cholesterol eating and exercise plan during this time.  I have caught myself lately putting wrong things on my plate. 

So we are all human and it happens.  I am going to try harder to eat properly.  I would hate to start to gain my weight back or to have higher cholesterol.  

I am now back to following my plan even though we are back and forth on the road.  See my page called dieting moving while dieting.  

It is so easy to run to the fast food restaurants because all of my dishes are packed and I am so busy.  I decided to leave my blenders and vegetables and fruits to be packed at the very last minute. They will go to my new house on the back seat of my pick-up.  I will need before the unpacking is completed.  The dishes are packed, but not the chia seeds and I love paper plates and cups, so there you go.  

My avocado sandwich doesn't look so bad on a paper plate. They do make prettier paper plates, but this is not bad.

Dec 11, 2017

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Mar 16, 2017

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