Moving while dieting
you don't have to stop eating
healthy foods when packing

A yummy avocado sandwich with parsley and sliced tomatoes on a paper plate. A quick lunch when you are busy.moving while dieting can still be healthy.

There is still a week to finish emptying my house and packing my things.  I have packed most of my dishes and glasses.  I have packed most of my kitchen staples.  Plain paper plates and my one of my favorite sandwiches make moving easier.

moving while dieting is possible to do without compromising your menu.  My children have shown up to help bearing tacos and burgers and syrupy cokes.  So far I have resisted, but I may succumb if I am not careful.

I have packed most of my dishes and am using paper plates and paper cups.  

I have packed my large blender, but have my bullet out still.  It is sitting on the counter with no other appliances.  It is the key to keeping to my diet.  I have a small box with essentials in it.  There is a package of chia seeds bananas and some lemons to squeeze into my smoothies, disposable paper and plasticware, and. It also contains a cutting board and my favorite knife. The refrigerator is empty except for some kale, some spinach, and a pineapple and papaya. There is fruit in the freezer section. There is bottled water we can get to in a hurry while sorting our belongings.

Ingredients have never been so easy to find.  

I now have no excuse for eating things I shouldn't.  moving while dieting is possible.

moving while dieting
between towns or vacationing

Vacationing while dieting is similar to moving while dieting.  You are temporarily unable to always get to your ingredients.  If I am going to be away from home, I pack a few things into an ice chest or just a paper/plastic bag.  These supplies help you to fix an easy meal. Things you might take.

In bags or a small box:

  • avocados in a bag with a small knife to for cutting them
  • bananas
  • nuts for snacking
  • sprouted grain breads (keeps fresh longer in ice chest in waterproof container)
  • salad dressing such as braggs which needs no refrigeration or vinegar and olive oil in small container
  • Paper and plastic dinner wear 
  • coconut oil 
  • honey

In ice chest:

  • serving size salads packed in plastic bags 
  • bottles of water 
  • apples, plums or any fruit that will keep during your travels
  • sliced tomatoes in plastic container
  • thinly slice onions in small container
  • dark chocolate for snacking
  • lettuce, spinach, parsley, kale or other vegetables, in water-tight plastic containers.
  • maple syrup
  • carrots and celery for munching while you drive along

avocado sandwich with parsley

Sandwich as seen above
sprouted grain bread
chopped or sliced avocados
sliced tomatoes
pieces of parsley

If you are one the road, you do not need coconut oil to spread on the bread.  You can just spread your avocado on both sides of the bread with the vegetables in the middle.

This makes a simple tasty sandwich.  Add more vegetables if you like.

moving while dieting can be a rewarding experience.  you don't have to give up your healthy cholesterol.

If you want something else to eat, read eating out on a diet.  Then, when you are driving down the road you can know that there are restaurants that have delicious healthy food.