cholesterol lowering diet 6
Breakfast with Judith

Budwig protocol cottage cheese/flaxseed oil for breakfast is a treat on cholesterol lowering diet 6

Let's get started on cholesterol lowering diet 6

Time for that healthy Breakfast.  Today I had the "cancer free" breakfast of cottage cheese and flaxseed oil. I try to eat this breakfast at least two days a week.  It comes from the Johanna Budwig protocol.

1. First gather all of your ingredents.

2. Mix the cottage cheese into the oil.

3. Use a handheld   immersion blender to totally combine oil and cottage cheese.

4. This is how it looks when it is completely blended.  There is no visible oil.

5. Now stir in your freshly ground flax seed and fruits and/or nuts of your choice. You may add 1 T chia seeds if you like.

6. Garnish as you like and enjoy.  This is a filling breakfast which has many nutritional benefits. 


2/3 c cottage cheese (I use Daisy because it has few ingredients and nothing weird.)
3 T flax seed oil (do not use high lignan oil)
freshly ground flax seeds (I use a small coffee grinder)
fruit  and nuts as desired (above you will see chopped bananas, pineapple and fresh blueberries) Any fruit will taste good. You don't need much.

Combine the cottage cheese and oil using a hand held immersion blender until totally combined.  Nobody would even know there is cottage cheese in this.  Then stir in ground flax seeds, fruit, and nuts.  I add chia seeds also, but that is totally optional.

Click here to view a video on making this breakfast.

cholesterol lowering diet 6
lunch with judith

Chicken vegetable salad or sandwich filling

This is leftover steamed vegetables and chicken from dinner yesterday.  I put this mixture on sprouted grain bread with slices of tomatoes, spinach and kale.  It is quite tasty.  If you prefer, you can just add greens and tomatoes and make a lovely salad.  It is good with Bragg dressing or vinegar and olive oil.  You can sprinkle on chia seeds if you like.  Very nice.

cholesterol lowering diet 6
dinner with judith

I eat the same kinds of meals for lunch and dinner, but I try to make sure there is plenty of protein in my evening meal. Fish or chicken are good ways to add more protein.  I don't eat bread except for sprouted grain bread. If I have eaten bread earlier in the day, I usually don't have it in the evening.  I also don't eat bread when I am eating meat.  I found an interesting site concerning protein in meat and vegetables. 

Today I had grilled tilapia with a mixture of lightly steamed zucchini and yellow squash for dinner.