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I am a very “ hard headed” person.  I was determined to show the doctor that I did not need statins to lower cholesterol.  I was determined to find out how to eat healthy to lower cholesterol.  I began to write down what foods would help me lower my cholesterol and which ones would make the problem worse. I came up with an eating plan and put it to the test.  I have been faithful to my healthy eating plan.  

I was able to lower cholesterol 34 points in 3 months.  I also lost 30 pounds.  It took me a lifetime to get that cholesterol level and I am sure that three months was not enough time to undo a lifetime of bad habits.  Consequently I told my doctor that I was not ready yet to take the medicine.  I am therefore continuing my diet and exercise routine to lower cholesterol and will try to cheat less.  I really want to lose a little more weight anyway.  It feels so good to be thinner.  

my cholesterol lowering 

For breakfast, I have a smoothie almost every day.  It is mostly fresh fruit and usually has some kale or spinach in it.  I have a super blender that purees the fruit.  It is very efficient and very loud.  Mine is a total blender by blendtec.  I have had it a few years.  I was in Sam’s Club once when they were demonstrating them and I couldn’t resist.  It cut nails and you could toss the container on the floor with no damage.  I wasn’t even on my diet then. I was still hoarding that cholesterol.

I also have a bullet that my daughters gave me for my birthday.  It is very efficient.  I love both my blenders. A good blender is essential when making smoothies. 

You can put any combination of fruit into your smoothie.  When fruit is on sale at the store, I buy extra, cut it into small pieces and freeze it.   Melons such as honeydew, watermelon or cantaloupe freeze well and are so good in smoothies.  They do not last long even frozen as I am using fruit daily.

morning smoothie recipe

morning smoothie: 1/2 cup grapes, 1/2 cup cherries, 1/2 cup blueberries, 1/2 cup frozen honeydew, an orange, a banana and a handful of kale.  Put this in the blender and add about a cup of crushed ice and 1/4 to 3/4 cup of water depending on thickness you desire.  I do not use sugar or sugar substitutes.  If it isn't sweet enough, add a teaspoon or two of pure maple syrup or honey. A tablespoon of chia seeds and a few walnuts on top make a nice texture, If you prefer, you can add the chia before you blend.Chia gives a wonderful texture. Any seeds or nuts just make the smoothie better.  

This recipe makes plenty to share. I never eat anything else in the morning after a smoothie unless it is a piece of fresh fruit.  I make sure to stop having fruit at least an hour before lunch. 

This drink usually keeps me filled for the morning.  When I first started smoothie breakfasts, I missed chewing on toast slathered with butter and jelly.  I missed having a bowl of cereal.  This passed.  I can do without those things.

Personalize your smoothie

You may put any combination of fruits in a smoothie that you like.  As long as they are ripe, they are usually not sour.  Sour is not good.  One time I got a sour tasting smoothie due to an under ripe orange.  I did put a tablespoon of  pure grade B maple syrup in this smoothie.  Now I taste the fruit before I add it to my smoothie.  Only put natural things into your smoothie.  I never add milk products or use processed juices.

Red grapes and honeydew melon seem to add sweetness to the smoothie.  I try to get these when they are in season.  Watermelon is also delicious.  Watermelon, apples and bananas make a nice smoothie.  As you can see, I love the fruit smoothies. 

Variety in the morning

If I really want something different for breakfast, I have the cottage cheese, flax seed oil and fruit which is found in the Johanna Budwig protocol.  It is filling and good. I do this once or twice a week.  It is a very nutritious breakfast. It will also help lower cholesterol.

Occasionally I eat a small bowl of oatmeal.  I top it with pure maple syrup and walnuts, pecans and/or almonds. Don't eat fresh fruit with oatmeal. Fruit is healthier and digests better when not eaten with carbohydrates. My husband has this for breakfast almost every day. Oats are one of the foods said to lower cholesterol so it is good.

 If I am traveling without my blender, I simply eat fresh raw fruit for breakfast.  You can substitute fresh whole fruit anytime you want. I do this occasionally, but I love my smoothie and can get chia seeds and some spinach, kale or other veggies in the smoothie.

Another choice is to make a fruit salad,  Chop the fruit and sprinkle with chia seeds and/or flax meal.  Freshly squeezed orange juice makes a good dressing.

On my pinterest site, I have many smoothie recipes from other websites. Some of them are good for this diet.  

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