gingered carrots with honey


10 to 12     carrots
1                T cornstarch
1                t ginger (can use freshly ground or minced ginger)
1/4 to 1/2   t salt
2                T honey (or sweetener of you choice)
1/2             C freshly squeezed orange juice
4                T butter       

Cut carrots crosswise into slices about 1 inch long. Steam until just tender.
Mix cornstarch, salt, and ginger. Pour on combined orange juice and honey.  Cook until thick and bubbly. Cook for another minute.  Pour sauce over hot carrots. Serve

What's for lunch today?

Why should ginger be in your diet?

For thousands of years, healers have used ginger for people who were suffering from various conditions. Why should you use ginger?

  • It is said to help curb nausea. Whatever the cause from car or air sickness to morning sickness, try ginger.
  • It is easy to digest
  • anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties
  • Ginger may help alleviate tumors or cancer - countries with high ginger consumption have fewer incidences of cancer.
  • Adds some pazazz to your favorite dishes

What ginger should I use?

I believe that it is always best to use fresh products as opposed to processed. 

The ginger you use will be better if it has smooth skin and no sprouts. You should peel it. Then you can slice it and dice it or grind it to a powder. It will add flavor and health to your favorite dishes and smoothies.