healing relaxation
for healthy cholesterol
easy relaxation techniques

There is a need for people to learn and utilize healing relaxation techniques. Stress or the way we cope with stress has been shown to increase LDL cholesterol. Studies do not seem to agree on the exact way that stress increases cholesterol, just that it does.

Stress can affect our eating habits. It is hard to walk past that chocolate cake when you are in stress. A bite here and one there and we are on our way. Soon the cake is gone, but the stress is still there.

As often as possible, you should turn off your phone, your iPod, your computer--whatever devices you have and do something that will relax your body and relax your soul. You will feel renewed.

There are so many free relaxation techniques to help us be calm when we feel anything but calm.  I have listed some of my favorites.  

easy relaxation techniques that work

Two children having a make-believe tea partJared and Libby's tea party - join a tea child's tea party and relax.
  •  rock a baby or just hold one - not a crying baby - or just sit in a rocker on the front porch    and close your eyes and dream of some thing or place peaceful and calm.
  • Play with a child - tea parties come to mind and puzzles, kite flying or just playing a game.
  • hang out with friends
  • Go to the beach - bare feet in the sand is so therapeutic - wiggle your toes in the sand
  • listen to music - close your eyes and dream
  • ride a bike - preferably on a country lane or in a quiet park.
  • take a leisurely walk somewhere beautiful
  • Go to your favorite quiet place.
  • Go to the mountains
  • knit or crochet
  • whatever your hobby is, spend time doing it. You could knit, or crochet. You can read or do anything that relaxes you.
  • Have a night out alone with your spouse. Spend the night in a hotel. Grandparents are often happy to babysit.
  • Turn off that cell and tv while you relax


Fill your bathtub with warm water. Turn off the television and the phone. Light a candle, get your favorite novel, bring a smoothie or a cool drink. Then get into the tub and read until you are tired, then close your book and your eyes and just daydream about the good things in life.  This is a pastime guaranteed to relax you. If the water gets cool, add more hot.  You deserve it.

This does it for me. There are so many relaxing things in nature.  Clouds, the ocean, mountains. These things are so relaxing.  Just looking at the picture makes me calm. It looks like a little elephant lying on his back relaxing in the sky as he floats by. Floating in the sky might be relaxing, if possible. Clouds are fun.

Relaxing hobbies

  • playing  musical instrument
  • meditation
  • writing
  • reading
  • yoga
  • woodworking
  • ok and occasionally watching certain tv shows can be relaxing if there are no commercials.

kite, fresh air, water, relaxation

  • listen to relaxation tapes
  • read a book 
  • get plenty of sleep
  • do not overdo anything - moderation is the key - well you don't have to worry about overdoing relaxation because you should not be able too.
  • Look for the good in others
  • be happy
  • smile often
  • Ignore politics for sure

healing relaxation

When you go fishing for relaxation, it doesn't matter if you catch any fish.  What matters is that you leave the world behind you and just let yourself drift. No cell phone, no music no anything, just you relaxing. If you don't have a boat, just take a comfortable lawn chair to the dock or the edge of the water, toss in your line and relax. You can knock years off your life just by relaxing at least once a week and escaping the pressures of life - allowing healing from the cares of the world.

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