cholesterol lowering lunch

cholesterol lowering lunch
Making an avocado sandwich

Eat a healthy lunch to control cholesterol. Often, I eat an avocado sandwich.  Avocados ae so good for us. There are so many ways to vary an avocado sandwich. At lunchtime I take two pieces of sprouted grain bread from the freezer, and put them in the toaster.  I spread each piece with a small amount of butter (real butter only) or coconut oil.  Sometimes I just spread on the avocado with no butter.  I like the butter and coconut oil, though so I use them more often than not.  I slice tomatoes on top of the avocado. Use a light sprinkling of sea salt on your avocado and tomatoes. Then I add sprouts if I have them, and instead of lettuce I use kale.  Kale contains more nutrients than lettuce, but lettuce is good on the sandwich too. There are many nutritious types of lettuce.  

To vary your sandwich, add any other vegetables you like. Cucumbers are very nice.  You can add spinach, grated carrots,  zucchini or any vegetable you desire.  The vegetables can be raw or very lightly steamed.  Either way is tasty.

A big salad is also good for lunch.  Only fresh or frozen vegetables should be used, but nothing from a can. If I am having a salad I add plenty of avocados. As a child, I would not ever eat an onion, but now that I have learned how nutritious they are, I usually add them to my salads. 

Another lunch I enjoy is made by chopping tomatoes, avocados, onions and chopped jalapenos (seeded of course).   I shake a small amount of Bragg’s ginger sesame dressing on this (health food stores love me). You can add chopped chicken or fish.   You can add sprouts and other veggies. I love this as salad.  You could roll the concoction in an Ezekiel tortilla. My husband likes this salad with olive oil and vinegar. 

If I am out and about at lunchtime, I sometimes have to "cheat".  I only cheat on my diet if I am starving.  I go to fast food places and order a grilled chicken wrap with little or no dressing.  The tortilla doesn’t taste as good since I am used to eating Ezekiel tortillas, but it doesn’t seem to hurt to do this once in a while.  They have nice fresh vegetables on wraps in many fast food places.  You can order a salad too but make sure it doesn’t have too much dressing or unhealthy items on it.  No cheese. If you can eat without dressing, that is best. I often carry my own dressing with me if I know I will be out at lunch time.

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