results of having high cholesterol
What are the consequences of high cholesterol?
why should you lower your cholesterol?

There are those who will tell you that cholesterol does not matter, but there is scientific evidence that high cholesterol can be harmful to your health and well-being.

The problem with cholesterol is that while it increases in your body, you don't feel a thing. There are no symptoms for high cholesterol. The only way to find out if your cholesterol is too high is to have a test. It is suggested by the medical community that everyone over 20 needs to have regular cholesterol tests.

Everyone should have their cholesterol and triglycerides checked regularly so that steps can be taken to lower cholesterol when necessary. 

What high cholesterol can lead to:

High cholesterol, with its partners low HDL and high triglycerides, takes a toll on your arteries. As the cholesterol gathers and stays, arteries become stiff and narrow. This can lead to arteriosclerosis and heart attack.

High cholesterol can cause blood flow problems throughout the body. Plaque can even build up in the brain causing blockages. This can lead to a stroke.

High cholesterol can result in gallstones. Bile production is often not normal in people who have high cholesterol.

Since blood transports oxygen and other nutrients throughout the body, clogged veins can interfere with many organs in the body

If you have ever had a stopped up drain at your house, you can visualize the problems that high cholesterol could cause. Years of washing grease down a drain with scraps of food (not a pretty picture) causes clogs that eventually can stop the flow of water through the pipes. As for your sink, so for your veins and arteries.

If it is your body, you can't run a snake through and fix the problem, but you can change your eating habits and start an exercise program.  A healthy body with good cholesterol is possible.

High cholesterol in the body is like a freeway during rush hour.  When there are not too many cars, traffic flows smoothly.  When the road becomes congested, traffic gets slower and slower until it stops.  Healthy blood flows smoothly through  your veins as the traffic on the road, but when it is overcrowded with plaque, it goes slower and slower until it causes major problems. We need to keep our arteries clean and smooth flowing.

You can't use a snake to clean your veins like you would if it were a clog in the sink. You need to commit to a healthy lifestyle every single day. 

"Artery cleaners"
(Nature's snakes)

Vegetables, fruits, main dishes, nuts,
healthy snacks 
All of these can help keep your arteries clean and healthy.