strawberry watermelon smoothie
and other delicious smoothies

A very nice summer smoothie. Drink strawberry watermelon
smoothie with or without cayenne pepper.

     1     heaping cup strawberries
     2    heaping cups watermelon
     1    banana
  1/2    t organic cayenne pepper (optional)

Put all ingredients in blender and mix.  If you like your smoothie thicker, you can add a few ice cubes. The cayenne pepper gives the smoothie a little pzazz.  This makes 3 eight oz. servings.

Some want cayenne and some do not. If you like, simply stir up to 1/4 t. of cayenne into each individual serving of smoothie--more cayenne if you like. Yummy!

Cayenne Pepper

Why add cayenne pepper to your diet?

  • It helps to ease pain. Do you have knee pain or back pain? Do you have pain from arthritis? Use cayenne pepper daily. It is a healthier habit than taking pain pills, and it is cheaper.
  • Cayenne can help to detoxify your body.
  • It helps lower your cholesterol
  • It can help the PH balance of your body
  • It can alleviate diarrhea  
  • Cayenne is heart healthy
  • Cayenne pepper adds some pzazz to your diet. 

Best fall smoothie

When there isn't so much fresh fruit, frozen will do very well. Just read the labels and taste it before you blend.  Choose a good brand name that you trust. I like Schwann frozen fruit, but many stores carry delicious frozen fruit.

You can almost always find good apples at a whole food store or the grocery store. 

You could also add a little cayenne pepper to this smoothie if you like. Cherries and cayenne are good together.

3/4    C frozen blueberries
3/4    C frozen mixed berries
   1    C frozen sweet cherries (Schwann cherries are sweet and delicious)
   1    peeled orange
   1    honeycrisp apple, washed well and cut into pieces
   1    ripe banana
2/3    C water (more or less as desired)
   1    T flax seeds (optional)
   1    T chia seeds (optional)

Put orange in blender first. It is juicy and will add liquid to help blend other ingredients. Add remaining ingredients. Blend to the consistency you like. I did not add the seeds in the beginning. Ella doesn't want seeds in her smoothie, although she has them when she doesn't know :).  After her drink was poured, I added the seeds and blended again.