also known as linseed
helps fight diseases such as
cancer and arthritis

Nutritional information

Flaxseed contains:

  • magnesium
  • manganese
  • calcium 
  • iron
  • protein
  • omega 3

It is a good source of dietary fiber with 11% of RDA in 1 tablespoon. Fiber helps to keep our cholesterol at a healthy level.  It also can be beneficial in lowering blood sugar and in weight loss.

Benefits of flaxseed according to research:

  • good source of dietary fiber - with 11% of required daily amount in 1 tablespoon
  • Helps with weight loss
  • can lower cholesterol - Fiber helps to keep our cholesterol at a healthy level.
  • lowers blood sugar
  • Has been shown to improve liver disease
  • A Japanese study showed flax use could decrease depression
  • improves bone density - about 40 grams of flax per day has been shown to improve bone density if used for at least a year
  • lignans have antioxidant properties 

Flaxseed is high in lignans.  Lignans provide antioxidants to help with inflammation and may help fight cancer. When buying flaxseed oil, it is not necessary to buy high lignan oil unless you will use it in a short time. The oil with lignans doesn't keep as well as oil without added lignans.  It can become rancid. Supplement the non-lignan oil by adding freshly ground flax seed to your recipes. Freshly ground flax seed supplies the lignans you need. It takes only seconds to grind the seeds into meal using a coffee grinder.

Only grind as much flaxseed at a time as you can use at a time. The seeds will keep up to a year stored in an airtight container, but the ground flaxseed will only be good for about 90 days in the refrigerator.  If you store ground flaxseed in the refrigerator, be sure that the container does not allow light to enter as light shortens the time for the meal to go rancid.

You can store flaxseed oil in your freezer. It does not require thawing to use.  It will be thick, but usable. I always store an extra bottle in the freezer.

Flax seeds and flaxseed oil are one of the best sources of omega 3 fatty acids. Mahatma Gandi said, "Whenever flaxseed becomes a regular food item among the people, there will be better health." Both chia seeds and flaxseeds are a healthy addition to anyone's diet.

"By the 8th century Charlemagne, the Roman emperor, ruled that every citizen of the Roman empire had to consume flax seed every day to maintain health."
quote found on http://www.barleans.com/history.asp

Flaxseed is beneficial in lowering cholesterol and obtaining overall good health.  Just be sure to always grind flaxseed before consuming them so that your body gets the full value of the nutrients in the seeds. Greater benefits are in the meal than the oil.  

Be sure to drink plenty of water of other liquids when consuming flax to avoid intestinal problems.

When my husband had bladder cancer, we bought a book called "Cancer Free" which tells how to stop cancer using the "Budwig Protocol". The book explains how eating flaxseed oil mixed with cottage cheese and following a careful diet can cure some cancers. We began to follow the protocol, and there was actually improvement in the cancer's growth. My husband did not want to take a chance so he chose to have surgery. We also continued with the cottage cheese and flaxseed. This was 8 years ago.He has been cancer free for this long and we often do the flaxseed oil cottage cheese breakfast. It can't hurt.  

Joanne Budwig protocol saves lives

click here for flaxseed oil cottage cheese breakfast recipe

Dr. Joanne Budwig was a biochemist in Germany.  Dr. Budwig perfected a program which included eating flaxseed oil combined with cottage cheese to help people with degenerative diseases.For over 50 years, she used this protocol to help cure many people.  She had an 80% to 90% success rate. She took many people who were dying of cancer, from hospitals and saved their lives. Many of these people were in the last stages of the disease.

The committee for medical research in Germany took Dr. budwig to court claiming that her diet was a hoax. The committee felt that flaxseed was not beneficial. The judge researched both sides, pulled the medical researchers aside and told them:

“Doctor Budwig’s documents and papers are conclusive. There would be a scandal in the scientific worlds because the public would certainly support Doctor Budwig.”  That ended the lawsuit. See more at: Wikipedia

Flaxseed can be used as an egg replacer
for those who can't eat eggs or prefer not to eat eggs

Combine 1 T freshly ground flaxseed with 3 T water.  Wait until it is gelatinous, which takes about 15 minutes and substitute for 1 egg in your recipe.