cholesterol lowering dinner

Dinner is similar to lunch. I try to eat meats such as fish or chicken (small amount of meat only), and have plenty of fresh vegetables.  If you like green smoothies, you can have that for dinner.  I do not eat meat everyday since I started on my cholesterol lowering dinner program.

For a good dinner sandwich, I steam broccoli, cauliflower, onions, and carrots until barely tender.  Then I chop them, add a little  Bragg dressing, toss,  and put them on toasted Ezekiel Bread. Sometimes I roll the vegetables in a piece of kale or lettuce and eat them as a veggie wrap.  Grilled chicken is a nice addition. Quite tasty and filling.  Add fresh parsley to your dishes.  Evidently parsley is full of nutrients.  So eat the garnish.  I do.  At our local salad bar there is Kale spread around all the dishes--as a decoration I suppose.  I always take some to eat.  Someday they might tell me not to eat the garnish, but in the meantime I eat superfoods whenever I can.

fresh fruit with a garnish of kale makes a good breakfast or lunchYummy kales garnish
A garnish can be as good as the other food at a buffet

I rarely eat red meat.  When I am craving a hamburger, I buy very lean meat.  I serve it on Ezekiel buns or Ezekiel bread.  No mayonnaise is needed.  Mustard is good.  A small bit of butter or coconut oil is okay to use.  Put on plenty of vegetables--lettuce, kale, tomato, sprouts , mushrooms or whatever you like.  Of course you can always add avocados.  This is something I might eat once or twice a month.  I don’t think regularly eating hamburger is good for cholesterol problems.

cholesterol lowering dinner recipes

If you need some help finding recipes, there are plenty out there.  I recommend looking at “Fit for life” recipes.  There are also good websites for making delicious smoothies and such.  If you go to Blendtec’s site, they will have many recipes.  Avocado soup from that site looks good to me and I am surely going to have that for lunch sometime with a nice fresh salad. I also love pinterest.  If you look at my pinterest you will find many smoothie recipes which I have found on the internet.  You will also find recipes on my pages entitled "eat with me"

This cholesterol program is my own.  I researched nutrition of different foods and those are the foods I eat the most.  It is not an easy plan to do in the beginning, but It has worked for me—at least for the first 40 days.  I am going to continue on as above adding more exercise—sighhhhhh.

It is worth it to be healthy. So far it is working.  Once I get my cholesterol to what my doctor thinks is normal, I guess I will maybe cheat more often.  My husband is cheering me on as he happily munches on his pork chops, scooping a mouthful of potatoes and gravy or having brownies with milk while watching his favorite television shows.  Oh well, I think I will go get a handful of nuts.  

Follow me as I diet for a week so that I might have lower cholesterol
the granola for day 1 of my plan to 
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